• The HUD is very low lag and low script.
  • You can use the same HUD for the same hairstyle. So if you buy two color packs from the same style you do not have to change the hair to change the color. You can not purchase a color of one style and then use the same HUD on another hairstyle. Each HUD will only work for one particular style.
  • Resizer:
    – On older hairstyles you can use the HUD resizer to change the size of unrigged hair. – On newer hairstyles you need to click on the unrigged hair to change the size. This new option gives you more control on how to resize the hair.
    Please note: resizing will only work for NON-rigged/fitted mesh hair!
  • Remove scripts option available. Click on the remove scripts function on the HUD and it will remove all scripts from the hair. Please make a copy of the hair before removing the scripts.
  • As from 11 sept 2016 all HUD will have a materials and no materials function. Just click the desired option and the hair will change to materials or no materials. To read more about materials: click here

HUD versions: See HUD versions
Hairbase appliers: See Hairbase appliers


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Sweetie Somerset says:

    Is it possible to wear Mina hair without the beanie hat?

  2. Hi Sweetie, no it is not. It’s made with no hair underneath so I looks like a perfect fit.

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