Q) I am not seeing the hair as it is supposed to be, it looks not ok.
A) Check the LOD factor in the preferences, set is at 4 or higher.
– to do that you go to the advanched menu (if you don’t see it click ctrl. / alt/ D)
then choose “Show debug settings” and type in: RenderVolumeLODFactor
set it to 4.

Q) I am not seeing the hair as it is supposed to be, there is a gap somewhere..
A) Try clearing cache and relog

Q) The HUD doesn’t seem to work
A) See if you are on land that allows scripts, if not go to land that does and try again
– Another HUD from another product can block MINA HUD, remove any near HUDs and try again

Q) I am not seeing the hair as it is supposed to be, its seams some parts disappear.
A) There seems to be a bug related to alpha textures in all mesh enabled viewers.
This bug won’t let you see alpha textures on meshes so part of your hair can “disappear”. This is probably caused by the alpha layers textures
If you see that some strands of hair have “disappeared” just try to detach and re-attach your hair or other mesh body part or clothes and you should see the hair as its supposed to be.

Q) Why is there a funny halo around my hair when I am near water, trees or plants?
A) If you use the “Advanced Lighting Model” in preferences Ctrl+P > graphics tab, that will not occur. It is an alpha rendering issue within the second life viewers. It is not a fault of the product and can NOT be avoided or minimized. It just so happens that when the mesh is RIGGED, alpha layers on rigged mesh object override all other alpha textures positioned behind them.

That giltch is unfortunately unavoidable at this time and can influence clothing layers with alpha textures on them as well as alpha lashes and. prim clothes with alpha layers. The glitch is not visible when the item is rezzed on the ground because the object then acts as a non-rigged mesh item since it is not connected to avatar skeleton at that time.
Following is a link to a blog post explaining the issue in even more detail:


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    hi, doyou still keep any of the old flexy styles available to purchase, i am looking for moriko long ? please let me know i have in brown, wanted to see other colors if possible and purchase

    1. MINA Hair says:

      Hi Jacalyn, no the old flexi styles are retired.


    thanks anyway, i sure miss the flexi ones mesh is great but it is wonderful for hair to swing ,, thanks

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