Review & Store policy

Failed delivery or lost product.

If you purchased an item and did not receive it or you lost the product:
– Touch the redelivery terminal at MINA mainstore and follow the instructions. If that won’t work then;
Copy the information of the purchase(s) and send it in an IM to MINAhair resident or send it in an
email to

Return Policy & Permissions

All items are no transfer/copy. Therefore it is not possible to exchange or return your purchases.
We can not make any exceptions to this rule, so please don’t ask.
MINA provides demos for all items. They are free, so please use them :)

Blogger policy:

MINA is not looking for bloggers.
All notecards will be ignored.

You can always leave a picture of you with MINA hair in the Flickrgroup;
We pick our bloggers from there.

If we like your blog we will contact you.

Guidelines for MINA Bloggers

please send Mina Nakamura an url with the post in which you used MINA hair.

Due to a high amount of blogger request MINA will remove you from the blogger list if you do not frequently blog MINA products. This way we make room for bloggers who will. We understand that not every product that comes out is your style, but 1 post out of every 3 new releases is the absolute minimum.
Of course we encourage you to do more posts than that and it will be highly appreciated!

If you do not agree or cannot post AT LEAST 1 item out of every 3 new releases, please let Mina Nakamura know.

Please read the notecards added to the bloggerpacks.
They have important information on the product. Because most times it is NOT in the Mainstore but set as a special price at some kind of event.

If something is wrong with the product, please let Mina Nakamura know. Since you are often the first one to try the hair, this is valuable information for me :)

Additional info:

SLURL =          
DESIGNER =           Mina Nakamura
BLOG =           
FLICKR =       
PLURK =        

In Real World
I live in the Netherlands, I speak Dutch and English.

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