Review & Store policy

Failed delivery or lost product.

If you purchased an item and did not receive it or you lost the product:
– Touch the redelivery terminal at MINA mainstore and follow the instructions.

If that won’t work then please file a ticket here: MINA Support ticket system

Return Policy & Permissions

All items are no transfer/copy. Therefore it is not possible to exchange or return your purchases.
We can not make any exceptions to this rule, so please don’t ask.
MINA provides demos for all items. They are free, so please use them 🙂

Blogger applications form:

Guidelines for MINA Bloggers

– We want to see you post 1/2 (rounding up) of the hair releases we send out per month. This is for girls & guys. If the guys only have 3 hair releases, then we would like to see 2 of them blogged. If the girls have 5, then we want to see 3 blogged.

– The releases need to be blogged either before the event starts or up to 2 weeks into the event. This way when people see your posts they aren’t seeing it as the event has/is ending.

– Every post needs to be blogged on your site and/or flickr. Please tag us and add to the appropriate MINA group (listed below). Please do not post our items without credits as most people will not come back to check later.

– When we release event items the event needs to be mentioned with the location of the event and added to the event groups on flickr, etc.

– Add MINA on your site in your blogroll or on a ‘sponsors’ page and include our logo and link to store. We will do the same for you. Your bloglink is added to, please check if yours is there, if not contact Jenica.

Posts on Flickr and facebook will sure be liked/faved if you tag Mina 🙂

If something is wrong with the product, please let Mina Nakamura know. Since you are often the first one to try the hair, this is valuable information for me 🙂

Additional info:

SLURL =          
DESIGNER =           Mina Nakamura
BLOG =           
FLICKR =       
PLURK =        

In Real World
I live in the Netherlands, I speak Dutch and English.

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