MINA Hair – Domina for Fetish Fair 2019

DoMINA for Fetish Fair 2019

MINA Hair – Domina for Fetish Fair 2019

Domina is a high ponytail hairstyle that is pulled through a leather mask.
The mask comes in 2 sizes, choose the one that fits your head the best. There is a StyleHUD included to change the way the ponytail falls. A bigger breast version is also available. There is an RLV version included in the package as well. YOU MUST remove your ears when wearing this mask.

Also available for an additional price is a Texture Change HUD for more color options for the mask.

FETISH FAIR will open it’s doors on August 17 – 1PM SLT

As always Mina will place a demo in the main store once the event starts. Demos are free! Please try a demo before you buy to ensure you are completely happy with the hair before you purchase it.




Skin: Amara beauty
Body: [LEGACY]
Head: GENUS Project
Eyes: IKON
Outfit: Salt & Peper: a mix of the Agatha and Arianna outfit

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