MINA Hair – Harmony for FaMESHed


Harmony, a natural, soft french braid adorned with precious metals and pearls—an original mesh design with a full spectrum of color options for hair and jewelry, will premiere at FaMESHed on December 1st! Harmony is a MINA Hair and Empyrean Forge Collaboration which we are excited to share with you.

FaMESHed is a monthly cycled event that runs from the 1st through the 27th of every month.

Package includes: A FITTED mesh hair. A HUD that comes complete with a “remove scripts” feature and a better way to rescale the hair (where applicable/which means only on NON-Rigged mesh). Hair comes with and without materials. Each color pack contains 10 different shades.

As always Mina has placed a demo in her main store for your convenience. As well as the Landmark to the event. Please try the FREE demo before you buy.

MINA Mainstore: Teleport

FaMESHed: Teleport




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