MINA Hair Challenge

Hallo Mina Hair lovers, next in line in the Mina Hair Challenge is

Crazychef Resident also known as Jaxon.

Jaxon his Blog

Jaxon on Flickr

Mina haar 1

1. Since when are you making   pictures in second life and why did you start doing it ?
✔ I started back in 2012 with blogging. I started doing it because I wanted to show off different looks that I came up as. When I started there was not very many male blogs out there to look at. So figured I would start blogging.

2. How many hairs do you have in your inventory ?
✔  50 give or take

3. Are you a sl red head , brunette , blond , fantasy colored ,  or do you change every day ?

✔ I usually stick between dark browns and greyscale hair and I usually keep one hair on. Unless its for something then I switch it up

4. Who is your favorite sl designer clothing designer ?

✔  It varies really for me. Some that I really like though are Deadwool, Dynasty, Remarkable Oblivion

5.How many hours do you spent blogging on a weekly basis  ?

✔ I honestly have cut back on my blogging big time. I use to do a blog post a day. Got burnt out on that. Now with my real life being busy I try to blog 3-4 a month

6.Who or what inspires you as a photographer ?

✔ My partner Britain Knave inspires me. She really is my driving force. Idk what I would do without her.

7.What do you do when you have a bloggers block ?

✔ I honestly just don’t until I get my mojo back

8.What is your favorite Mina Hair ?

✔ Timmo

9.Who is your favorite movie star ?

✔ Tom Hardy

10.How high is your inventory number ? Are you a cleaner or a hoarder ?

✔ Currently its at 32,862 I am a cleaner and usually keep it to about 25k items give or take.

Mina Haar 2

Thank you Jaxon for participating to get to know you a little bit better.


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