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MINA Hair – Ingrid

MINA Hair - Ingrid by Mina Nakamura 06
MINA Hair – Ingrid a photo by Mina Nakamura 06 on Flickr.

Ingrid is my hair for this round of My Attic @ The Deck!
It will start on the 21st of August and finish on the 31st.
Ingrid comes with hairbases that you need to wear, as there is no prim hair past the headband.
it’s not mesh so you can push and pull it all you want! It’s a longer style pony at the back and waves around beautifully.

Slurl: My Attic

There is only one hair in this pack, you can change the color and texture on the headband by using the provided HUD!
For more information and troubleshooting about this HUD see:

Jewelry: Dark Mouse
Skin: league
Eyes: MINA

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MINA Hair Petite – Daan

Second Life Marketplace – DEMO – MINA Hair Petite – Daan

This is the PETITE version of Daan!

Daan – is a unisex, casual and short hairstyle. Every hairpack has two special HUD’s with the option to choose different highlights. Choose “ADD” to attach them both.

There are 6 colors in every pack, so you can make 6 x 6 = 36 different haircolors (fatpack has: 30 x 30 = 900!!)

The HUD is very low lag and low script.
There is one hair in this pack and the HUD controls the textures and does the resizing (it will make it as small as you want!) .
This HUD will save inventory space and you can see instantly what colors you can choose.
Read more about it on


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