MINA Hair – Bart (Also for girls :-)

Bart was my special item for the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter and is now in my store and at the marketplace, try a demo here: Second Life Marketplace – DEMO – MINA Hair – Bart.

Bart has a texture changing beanie (9 textures to choose from) and comes with a scarf (also 9 textures to choose from). In each colorpack you will find 6 colors.

With this hair I’ll introduce “MINA Hair HUD“. Read more about it on minahairfashion.wordpress.com/hud/

In the pictures you see Bart in:
– Skin: Redgrave; Cruz
– Vest: [pivaaca] -Homme- Big Loose Knit Jacket
– Shirt: [pivaaca] -Homme- Printing Cut ‘n Sew
– Eyes: pc eyes – moon – espresso
– Pose: Animazoo animations

It is taken at: Sea Salts maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea%20Salts/145/216/42

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