>MINA Hair fashion – Jean –> UPDATED <–


While decorating my new store and cleaning out my inventory I came across the hairstyle “Jean” and it suddenly I knew… there is something missing… Only one option for a texture in the hair band is just not enough. So I made a newer version! You can click on the hairband and choose from 22 different textures, from polkadot to distressed linnen in a variety of colors. the 23th option is a transparent one, so that there is no hair band. It is best to wear it then with a hairbase skin in a matching color. Not necessary, just better!
For all you girls (or guys)  who have an older version, contact me, write a note with the purchase details if you still can or make a picture with the hair band on, showing a lot of space above your head, on a busy SL background, so I can see it’s not a demo.
So…come by at: MINA Hair fashion and try a demo!

Style card on the vendor picture:
Skin: *League* ~ Taylor
Eyes: *YS & YS*
Necklace: :SEY “envy”=green=

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